246 Common: A Wild Encounter with Tokyo’s Food Trucks

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246 Common in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan has officially embraced the international food truck craze, “international” being the key word. Throughout the city, mini restaurants-on-wheels dish out increasingly popular alternatives to traditional Japanese cuisine, from tacos to jacket potatoes to pizza.

In Minato City, hungry locals head to 246 Common, Tokyo’s hottest food trailer park serving international hipster cuisine from purveyors like Brooklyn Ribbon Fries, Curry Freak and Hawaiian Natural Foods. Even the trucks are trendy; micro versions of silver Airstream trailers and camper vans line a seated dining area of mismatched wooden tables and chairs.  Read more

Road Food! Savoring Maui’s Hana Highway

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Minutes after landing in Maui, Hawaii, I learned two things: 1. “the Road to Hana” is a Very Big Deal and 2, the car rental agent will try to up-sell you  on a tricked-out, gas-guzzling Jeep.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need a Jeep on the Hana Highway. It’s lush, gorgeous and prohibitively winding; you’ll most likely drive it at a snail’s pace in bumper-to-bumper tourist traffic. Another assumption is that the road from Hana (if you decide to circle the island) is treacherous and unpaved, and forbidden by rental companies. This is also UNTRUE! When asked, a rental agent stated they will not provide roadside assistance for this stretch of the Hana Highway. Fair enough. There’s a bit of a rough patch after passing Hana, but I found the drive “from” to be enjoyable and both roads worth the experience. Read more

Best Bites for Your Booze: A New Orleans Snack Crawl

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Cheese Plate 3 Muses

Everyone loves a bar crawl, so on a recent visit to New Orleans – one of America’s favorite food cities – I thought, “why not a snack crawl?” I started hungry and strolled the length of the French Quarter, from Frenchmen Street at the edge of Faubourg Marigny to Canal Street. I based my trajectory on whim, cravings and local suggestions, resulting in new favorites and a few that fell short. That said, I’m sure I left out some excellent eats. Please let me know where your favorite French Quarter bar bites live and I’ll add them to my next snack crawl. Read more

VIDEO: Oyster 101 with the World’s Fastest Shucker

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Oyster Shucking with Rickey Lee

You never forget the first time you slurp a briny, raw oyster from its shell. Read more

Surviving Mardi Gras: An Ode to Fried Food

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Mardi Gras Aftermath

Without a doubt, New Orleans is one of the world’s great food cities. As a frequent hungry visitor, I sometimes feel like Sisyphus and his boulder: to keep up with the Crescent City’s expansive and ever-changing culinary scene can seem insurmountable. You can eat and eat, then eat some more, and still not crack the surface. Good for you, NOLA; it’s what keeps us hungry folk coming back. Read more

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