Cuy: Eating Guinea Pig in Peru

FOOD FOR THOUGHT… has taken a one-week posting hiatus due to a Nicaraguan adventure and a fantastic birthday celebration. Stay tuned in the very, VERY near future for more fabulous foodie reports from around the globe.


In the meantime, I’m going to offer this little gem to pass the time. They say “When in Rome,” but I say “When in Peru,” with respect to the following culinary delicacy. I had the opportunity to visit El Tarwi and sample one of Peru’s more unusual plates, cuy, or guinea pig.

It was served fried and quartered (we were slightly disappointed as it is traditionally served whole in rural regions). This dish is not particularly Limean; it was Luis’ first encounter with cuy. I supposed for some, a plated rodent isn’t exactly appetizing. The important lesson here is that EVERYTHING tastes great when deep-fried. At first we struggled with our forks and knifes, but were encouraged by the restaurant staff to dig in and eat with our hands. There’s not a lot of meat on a guinea pig, which makes me ask, “what’s the point?” but it was good for a laugh, and the crispy, fried skin was absolutely delicious.

When in Lima, Peru…
El Tarwi is located at: Pasaje Ayulo 131, Jesús María, Lima

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