Eating in El Hierro, Canary Island Paradise

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El Hierro is the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands, but it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and dramatic, with over 800 distinct volcanos (including 500 open cones, visible in nearly every direction). Between the black lava ground and the blue sea, the tiny island’s cone-scape rises to a dizzying elevation of 5000 feet. Hang gliders take note: this is your island.

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Eating at an Indonesian Rice Table in Amsterdam

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While traveling, I make it a point to sample the regional cuisine. But what if the local specialty isn’t exactly local? History. Colonization. Immigration. These are factors that directly impact a culinary culture. In London, I’m on the lookout for spectacular Indian food. In Germany I’ll grab a Turkish kebab, and recently on a trip to Amsterdam, I dined at Indonesian hotspot, Sampurna. Read more

Harvesting Olives in Tuscany, A Local Experience

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Autumn in Tuscany 

This is the time of year when the scorching summer heat fades to warm; when school is back in session and tourists head home. Grapes are plucked from their vines and transformed into glass jugs of young, fizzy vino nuovo. This is the time for black truffles, white truffles, and porcini mushrooms. This is the season for wild boar and chestnuts roasting on the hearth. The branches of the silver-leaved olive trees are heavy with fruit that slowly turn from green to a deep purple, ready to be harvested into liquid gold. Read more

At an Apfelwein Tavern: A Frankfurt Food Tradition

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The way I see it, a planned international layover is the best kind of foodie bonus. If you already have a connecting flight home, why not step out of the airport for a night on the town to savor the local fare. On one recent trans-atlantic route this past September, I did just that. It was my fourth connection through Frankfurt this year. While FRA has its perks (sausage! pretzels!) I had a hankering for a heartier, more traditional German meal. The city of Frankfurt is famous for its Apfelwein taverns, local gastropubs serving up house-brewed apple wine, a kind of cider, in both sweet and sour varieties.  Read more

In Moscow, Georgian Food on my Mind

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Georgian food might just take this year’s lead as my favorite international cuisine.

I first experienced a taste of Georgia at Manhattan’s most authentic Moscovian restaurant, Mari Vanna. The American outpost of Moscow’s hot dining destination, Mari Vanna offers high-end Russian fare to smartly dressed expats in a vintage tearoom-meets-underground lounge. My Russian friend, Sage, brought me to Mari Vanna for a kind of culinary dress rehearsal; a run-through intro to typical Russian cuisine before my trip to Moscow. In addition to platefuls of Russian standards, Sage ordered a Georgian specialty: khachapuri, a type of cheese-stuffed pizza bread that just about blew my mind.  Read more